As a leading wind power company in France and internationally, EDF Renewables strives each day to integrate its projects into their environment with the aim of reconciling renewable energy and sustainable development.

Montagne Ardéchoise wind farm

To protect the very calm surroundings of this wind farm located in Ardèche while also producing the equivalent electricity consumption of 80,000 people, the 29 wind turbines are fitted with owl wing-shaped blades.

Reducing the noise emissions of wind farms

Owl-wing blade technology (named after the combed-teeth structure of an owl wing’s trailing edge) is used at several EDF Renewables wind farms. This reduces the noise emissions produced by the rotation of the blades.

Ensemble Éolien Catalan

Comprised of 35 wind turbines, the Ensemble Éolien Catalan was commissioned in 2016. Its “stealth” blades allow it to coexist alongside the Météo France radar located nearby.

Coexistence with radars made easier

So-called stealth blade technology, developed with the manufacturer of the wind turbines, limits interferences and allows better coexistence with radars, particularly weather radars.

Petit-Canal wind farm (Guadeloupe)

The project to renovate the Petit-Canal wind farm has halved the number of wind turbines while also significantly increasing the wind farm’s installed power.

Renovating the oldest wind farms

Renovating the oldest wind farms, a technique known as “repowering”, is a solution of the future for optimising production at the windiest sites and providing the benefit of 20 years’ technical progress to the oldest projects.