Safety and security

Hydro safety, a top priority.
Making sure that the hydroelectric fleet operates in the best possible safety conditions is a top priority for EDF and the public authorities. From concept to operation, monitoring, and regular public information campaigns, EDF’s hydroelectric facilities are designed to ensure the highest degree of safety for the surrounding community.

Preparing for floods

To mitigate the consequences of flooding on hydroelectric facilities, EDF has equipped its dams with spillways and carries out daily weather monitoring of watercourses.

Monitoring of hydro facilities

EDF ensures continuous monitoring of hydroelectric facilities to control operation-related risks. Monitoring is further stepped up at large dams.


The safety of local communities and holidaymakers along rivers near hydroelectric facilities is a top priority for EDF. The annual “Calme apparent, risque présent” (risk of sudden flooding even in good weather) campaign is designed to raise their awareness of the hazards involved.