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“In the field offshore wind, the price of the electricity produced has been divided by 2 in ten years, and the installation cost divided by around 1.5. In the land wind sector, the price of the electricity generated has been divided by around 2.5 in ten years and the installation cost divided by around 1.5.

These figures demonstrate the speed of performance improvements in new energy technologies!

At EDF R&D, our challenge is to grow innovation to allow the EDF group to access these technological advances that will keep on coming and integrate them to energy systems to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050 through more innovation!”

Etienne Brière, Director of R&D’s Renewables, Storage, Hydrogen and Environment Programme.


3 key figures to remember

  • Panneau photovoltaïque EDF

    115 kW peak power

    per year generated under Agri-PV panels

  • Éolienne en mer EDF

    5 GW

    installed capacity generation target for floating wind turbines by 2030

  • Hydraulique EDF


    The leading renewable energy in France – hydropower

Renewable energies in 2 minutes

Did you know that EDF wanted to double its production of renewable energies? EDF's R&D researchers are at the heart of this mission: innovating in solar, onshore and offshore wind power. Find out more about these ambitious projects on video.

Screenshot from the video R&D and renewable energies

R&D and renewables energies
Duration: 1:44

Understanding the strategy at the heart of renewables

Innovating to create electricity from offshore winds, inventing ways of exploiting light to provide decarbonised energy for agriculture... Discover how R&D has become the fifth element in the renewable energy sector.

Eolienne en pleine mer
Offshore wind turbines

Wind turbines in the open sea

EDF R&D is always surfing on a wave of ideas on how to optimise the efficiency of offshore wind turbines. Come this way to discover them all!


Vitisolar, Agri-PV and new types of solar panels

Add some sunshine to your day (and your plate and glass)! Let’s discover the major PV projects in the fields of agriculture and winegrowing.

Energie hydraulique

Hydro energy generation

Jump in to discover research projects that have made hydro generation EDF Group’s leading renewable.

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