Wind turbines in the open sea

EDF R&D has been working on the large-scale industrialisation of floating wind turbines for years now.

At the heart of this key issue in the transition to green energy, we find major R&D challenges: connecting wind farms to the electricity network, measuring environmental impact and conducting wind turbine maintenance in the long-term.


Now, let’s explore the big research projects that are helping us meet an ambitious target: generating 60GW by 2030!

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EDF Eolienne Offshore

EDF R&D and offshore wind

In order to double the installed capacity of renewable energy by 2030 and to increase from 28 GW to 50 GW, R&D is carrying out a great deal of research on wind energy and particularly on floating wind turbines. Find out how EDF R&D is taking up this challenge with the point of view of Eve Dufossé, Head of EDF R&D ENR and Storage programs.

EDF Eolienne en mer

Did you know?

Many different kinds of floaters are used to keep wind turbines afloat!

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Christophe Peyrard EDF

Digital simulation and floating wind turbines – a love affair!

Discover a portrait of Christophe Peyrard on the contribution of digital to floating offshore wind turbines.

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