EDF Group is committed to building a CO2 neutral future through electricity and innovative services.
The electrification of uses to replace fossil fuels is the key to this transition.
R&D is working to develop efficient, low-carbon solutions and technologies to promote electric mobility and decarbonise buildings and industries.
To do this, researchers rely on exceptional testing facilities and laboratories, discover some of them here.

We offer you here a first overview of our laboratories and testing facilities, not exhaustive. Please visit our page regularly, as more content will be added in the coming weeks and months.

Test platform for electrolysers

EDF Lab les Renardières research and development center is committed to building a CO2-neutral energy future that reconciles the preservation of the planet, well-being and development thanks to electricity and innovative "low-carbon" solutions and services. It has a platform for testing electrolysers in real operating conditions. Discover it!

Electric Mobility Laboratory

The electric mobility laboratory located on the EDF Lab les Renardières site enables the performance and reliability of all types of charging infrastructure to be tested and can accommodate all types of vehicles. Discover it in pictures!

Discover the world of R&D through an interactive experience. Let yourself be guided!

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Visit the Climatron... in 360°!

The Climatron is a laboratory that allows researchers to evaluate the performance of all types of thermal equipment (heat pumps, thermodynamic or joule water heaters, joule heating, etc.) for residential and tertiary uses in a controlled climate (temperature and hygrometry). These tests are made possible thanks to the 9 climatic cells of the platform. Discover them in this virtual visit!

Discover the Climatron laboratory
video ultra fast charging
Ultra Fast Charging

EDF R&D tests ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles

Discover the EDF laboratory dedicated to the testing of very high power charging stations and the concept of smart charging, a key issue for the development of electric mobility.

Low carbon connected home

Nowadays, residential buildings represent an important energy issue. Energy consumption depends on the performance of the building for heating, the quality of the equipment installed and the behavior of the occupants. The "Low Carbon Connected House" research laboratory at the EDF Lab les Renardières site enables EDF to innovate in order to develop low-carbon technologies that will equip the homes of the future.