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“We have been developing electrification in industry for several decades. EDF, therefore, has extensive experience in supporting industrialists towards electrification and its key consequence of improving process efficiency to maintain competitiveness.
At R&D level, we have developed several tools, backed up by our knowledge of industrial processes and performance optimisation. This helps us provide companies who want to modify their energy choices with precise figures.”

 Didier Roustan, Director of the R&D Trade and Services Programme

Three important things to remember

  • 80 %

    of greenhouse gas emissions come from 4 sectors spread over - 400 industrial sites. Every decarbonisation action will, therefore, have a significant impact.

  • 50 %

    of industrial greenhouse gas emissions are avoidable thanks to electrification.

  • 20 years'

    R&D experience in the CO2 capture, storage and reuse sector.

How EDF and its R&D are supporting companies in decarbonising industry

“The three key success factors for EDF’s customer support in decarbonising industry are: expertise (we have it!), funding (we have solutions!), innovation (we have it with our R&D and our subsidiaries!)”

Nelly Recrosio, EDF Key Accounts Director   

Around 80 million tons of CO2 equivalent are emitted by French manufacturers every year*. Technical and financial solutions are available to help them reduce emissions. Interview with Nelly Recrosio, EDF Key Accounts Director, who supports major manufacturers with this process and Didier Roustan, EDF Research & Development Programme Director, who designs new tools with his team to make these changes a reality.
* Chemicals (25%), non-metallic minerals, construction materials (23%), ferrous metal industry (20%) and agri-food (12%).


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Carbon neutrality

Supporting the Group’s customers towards carbon neutrality

The EDF Group provides solutions for building a CO2-neutral energy future together.

Objectives: to consume less energy and limit CO2 emissions by using renewable energy and optimising industrial facilities, buildings and processes.

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Low-carbon hydrogen

Decarbonised hydrogen, a solution for the chemical and steel industries

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Decarbonised hydrogen, a solution for the chemical and steel industries

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