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“We urgently need to decarbonise buildings to reach carbon neutral by 2050!” There are two ways of doing this. Firstly, through energy efficiency, by improved insulation, and by using high-performance equipment. Secondly, by replacing fossil fuels with electricity (low in carbon), renewables, biomass or renewable heat and recovery.”

Elisabeth Tatreaux, head of the low-carbon uses and energy efficiency programme in R&D

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Three important things to remember

  • 80%

    is the reduction in CO2 emissions obtained by using a heat pump instead of a gas or fuel system.

  • 35%

    of heating for the EDF Lab Paris Saclay comes from energy recovered from the data centre on the site.

  • half of all

    Ile-de-France residents are exposed to air pollution that exceeds the regulatory limits (1.5 million people).

I understand the challenge that decarbonising buildings poses with Elisabeth Tatreaux

Every year in France, residential and tertiary buildings emit 25% of CO2 emissions. R&D researchers are working on technical solutions and regulatory tools to decarbonise the sector.

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The Climatron: our heat pump laboratory

Installed on our Renardières site near Fontainebleau, the Climatron tests heat pumps and other thermal equipment available on the market. Research and prototyping are also the focus of EDF researchers’ work to develop the heat pumps of the future.

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Air quality

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Air quality research

Air quality research – it’s not just hot air!

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