EDF R&D, through its industrial expertise in power generation, provides advanced bespoke technical support in electrotechnics and mechanics of structures, at design and operations of industrial plants and their major equipment.


Our services are dedicated to operators of power generation units and other industrial facilities, insurers, equipment manufacturers and structure designers. It answers to strong stakes of industrial equipment and structures:

  • Ensure system performance and durability
  • Detect and control high-risk designs


We have significant experience in the wind, hydraulic, flame thermal and nuclear sectors.

Mechanics of Structures

  • Civil engineering buildings and industrial facilities
  • Turbines and other large rotating machines


Vibration and dynamics of civil engineering structures and equipment
Optimization and aging of civil engineering
Seismology and geotechnics


  • Electrical motors and generators
  • Power and distribution transformers


Thermal, dielectric and mechanical behavior
Electrical transients response
Energy efficiency


A various range of services

Discover our offer dedicated to civil engineering buildings and facilities, steam turbines and other large rotating machines, electrical motors and generators, power and distribution transformers.


EDF Lab Paris Saclay benefits from the feedback from the EDF group, a major industrial operator in France and a global leader in low-carbon energy

Multi-skilled services with experimental means, expertise and numerical simulations

Our R&D department is composed of 130 researchers and technicians highly qualified including twenty experts who can rely, if necessary, on the 2000 researchers of the multidisciplinary R&D.



Discover our test benches

In particular the test benches EVADYN, EURoPE, Alternator and Motor


  • We are recognized for our expertise in the field of electrotechnics and mechanics of structures, knowledge of the industrial fabric and mastery of the rules of the art.
  • We have a technical know-how proven by the industrial studies conducted for EDF’s generating fleet over the past 30 years.
  • Our experts are members of working groups responsible for the revision of international standards in their fields.


  • We rely on powerful multi-domain numerical simulation tools (fluid, structure, thermal, electromagnetism, electrical transient), developed in-house, in 2D and 3D, and consolidated by expert industrial know-how.
  • We integrate IT development skills allowing a total mastery of business standards.