A unique testing facility dedicated to smart equipment and solutions

Concept Grid is a real "smart" distribution network representative of a real electric system from the primary subtation to residential appliances.

This platform offers the possibility to create and conduct, in complete safety, complex testing campaigns which would be impossible to perform on a real network.

The MV network consists of 3 km of underground cables and overhead lines, to which are added 120 km simulated by RLC banks. Three different neutral point treatments can be selected according to needs. Three secondary substations allow the energy to travel over 7 km of LV network which can be connected to a motor generator or a power amplifier. Coupled with real-time simulator, the amplifier allows us to generate complex generation or power comsumption scenarios.

A complete set of loads and distributed energy ressources are connected : PPV panels, micro-wind turbines, remote controlled household appliances, terminals for electrical vehicule charging, storage systems,..

MV and LV networks

Concept Grid was designed to be representative of a real power system, from the substation to the customer. The integration of a device or an innovative solution can then be studied realistically.


Eléments Description note
Networks 7 km LT
3 km HVA 
120 km  HVA simulated (RLC)
Flexible underground cable and overhead lines network
Station One primary substation
(6 MVA transformer)
Two secondary substations
(400 kVA transformers)
Vacuum breakers
Transformer with amorphous sheet steel
Residential area 5 sample houses
Charging terminals for electrical vehicules  (slow, semi-fast…)
PV, Micro wind generator
Linky architecture in the whole district
Storage System (SS) Li-on battery (50 kW ; 106 kWh)
Supercapacity (70 kW)
Li-on battery (160 kWh)
Hydrogen system
Ultra fast charging testing platform (EV) Capability to connect and supply
High power charging stations for EV up to 1,5MW.
Dedicated concrete surface of 160 square meters to welcome different chargers



MV Networks Faults Overhead and underground
Single-phase to earth, line to line, Three-phases
3 Neutral treaments: impedant, compensated, active
LV Networks Motor generator 50 kVA (generating or absorbing)
Voltage disturbance (± 11% Around Un)
Frequency disturbance (± 3 Hz Around 50 Hz)
Power amplifier 120 kVA (source) / 60 kVA (load)
Voltage, current and frequency
Creation of harmonics up to 25 kHz
Short-circuit Line to ground, line to line, three phase


Mono-mode optcal fiber SCADA (61 850)
Data transfer by IP-MPLS
Supervision, remote control
Measures, advanced grid supervision functions
Power Networks PLC communication Linky smartmeter Structure-Load control
Wireless Study of any protocols (in particular resistance to a disrupted electric environment) Remote controlled switches


Real-time simulation

Function Description
Simulation OPAL-RT licence
Real time
Up to 8 cores
P-HIL compatible
Amplification 4 quadrants amplifier
3 modes of operating (U, I, Z)
120 kVA (source) / 60 kVA (charge) -> unique !
P-HIL compatible
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