EDF and Dreev, a joint venture between EDF and Nuvve, have joined forces to carry out the project.

EDF is a key player in electric mobility in France, and has anticipated the move towards CO2-neutral mobility by announcing the Electric Mobility Plan in 2018, one of the Group's strategic axes. The 3 pillars of its ambition between now and 2023 revolve around the 4 core countries of France, the UK, Italy and Belgium:

  • To have a 30% market share in the supply of electricity to electric vehicle owners,
  • To deploy over 400,000 charging points,
  • To operate over 20,000 smart charging points.

Dreev's core activity lies in the development of Vehicle-to-Grid solutions, the most innovative and promising aspect of smart charging. Dreev is involved in:

  • the implementation of energy flexibility services, made available through battery storage, to help balance supply and demand,
  • providing an experience that allows customers to guarantee their mobility needs, while benefiting from optimal remuneration for the use of their vehicle when it is not in use.

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