Mai Carion, Philippe Veyan and Arnaud Vazeille all come from EDF Renewables, the EDF Group subsidiary dedicated to the production of renewable energies, particularly through solar and wind power. Together, they are behind the tipienergy project and have just entered the "TEST" phase of the EDF Pulse Incubation entrepreneurial programme.

From left to right, Mai Carion, Philippe Veyan and Arnaud Vazeille, co-founders of tipienergy

Mai, Philippe and Arnaud created tipienergy around a simple idea: to enable everyone to become a producer of renewable electricity. They came up with the idea of a platform where private individuals and SMEs could buy fractions of the renewable energy produced by the power stations via the purchase of a token, thereby securing around twenty years of low-carbon, competitive electricity production.

Once the investment has been made, customers can either recoup the proceeds from the sale of the electricity on the financial markets, or reduce their energy bills directly. 

This scheme meets a growing demand from the public take part in the energy transition, and to really benefit from the economic competitiveness of wind or solar farms, such as lower bills and less exposure to the volatility of the energy market. This offer also meets the need of wind farm developers and operators to involve local people more directly in the construction of these new infrastructures.

EDF Pulse Incubation: support in 4 stages

Mai, Philippe and Arnaud have just entered the "TEST" phase, the second stage of the EDF Pulse Incubation entrepreneurial programme. They benefit from innovative working methods and expert support to explore the feasibility of their project and test customer desirability. 

After three months, their project will be evaluated by a board made up of stakeholders from the EDF Group so that they can move on to the next stage: the "LAUNCH" phase.

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