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EDF Pulse Incubation Award: 3 days of bootcamp to be ready to pitch

From 17 to 19 January 2023, the 6 finalists of the EDF Pulse Incubation Awards met in the Factory space in La Défense to perfect their value propositions. Their goal? Convince the final jury and win the Pulse Incubation Prize!

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With its new subsidiary Yxir, EDF launches an artificial intelligence offer for industrials

Originating from its intrapreneurial program, Yxir is the new subsidiary of the EDF group, which enables industrials, via Artificial Intelligence (AI), to control the quality of their products and services through the processing and analysis of data derived from their quality management system.

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Other news


Harun works at Enedis and was a wind turbine technician in Mosel for over 12 years. Together with Philippe, an implementation engineer at the AMT Est, they are responsible for the Réole project and have just integrated the intrapreneurship program EDF Pulse Incubation.


Julie is IoT Project Manager at EDF Hydro in Grenoble. Ludovic is in charge of the strategic steering of the IoT roadmap in the same direction. They have just integrated the intrapreneurship program called EDF Pulse Incubation with their project Easy Sense.


As an eco-friendly provider of Web3 infrastructure services and solutions, Exaion is taking a new step in its international development and is strengthening its offering for North American customers by opening a branch in Canada.


At its press conference on 17 March 2022, VivaTech announced its intention to become a low-carbon event. To support this initiative, it has joined forces with the EDF Group, the event's official "low carbon partner", and the expertise of its two start-ups Urbanomy and Acteon Farm.


In October 2021, EDF Pulse Incubation launched its first call for projects with the aim of discovering solutions proposed by its employees to build a low carbon world. All employees of the group and its subsidiaries in France were invited to share their innovative ideas.

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The Industr'IA project led by an employee and a venture builder continues its momentum by entering phase 2 of the intrapreneurship programme. Incubated since early 2021, Industr’IA markets industrial use cases of artificial intelligence acquired by EDF Group businesses. This step should allow Industr’IA to prototype the product.

In 2030, the estimated activity of data centres is expected to represent 13% of global electricity consumption. To continue to benefit from the opportunities offered by digital technology, solutions to reduce its carbon footprint are needed. Exaion, the new gem incubated by EDF Pulse Incubation, offers an eco-responsible offer including supercomputer cloud computing, blockchain infrastructure (BaaS), and data centre hosting.

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According to the UN(1), cities will represent 2% of the earth's surface by 2050 and will release 90% of global CO2 emissions. Faced with this urban expansion, creating more resilient and sustainable cities is becoming a real challenge. Urbanomy, a new start-up incubated by EDF Pulse Incubation, wishes to respond to these challenges by providing energy and urban planning consulting services to put people back at the heart of the city. The start-up supports both private and public stakeholders to help them design sustainable and resilient urban spaces.

(1) According to the United Nations World Cities report 2016, "Urbanisation and development, Emerging futures".

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Décembre 2019

Hydrogen is a key gas for some areas of industry, and it has great potential for transport. Today, it is mainly produced from fossil fuels, generating 10 kg of CO₂ for 1 kg of hydrogen produced. Hynamics, an EDF subsidiary incubated by EDF Pulse Incubation, intends to change this by offering hydrogen without CO₂ emissions through water electrolysis.

During the Eurelectric summit, the BBC featured this video on Hynamics’s industry and heavy mobility objectives and on EDF Pulse Ventures’s strategy to prepare for the energy transition with start-ups.

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