Harun works at Enedis and was a wind turbine technician in Mosel for over 12 years. Together with Philippe, an implementation engineer at the AMT Est, they are responsible for the Réole project and have just integrated the intrapreneurship program EDF Pulse Incubation.

Philippe et Harun, responsible for the Réole project

Philippe and Harun want to develop a turnkey offer for wind farm decommissioning and recycling for large and small wind farm operators. Their goal is both to meet the Group’s zero-accident ambition and to close the renewable energy loop by giving the wind turbine a beneficial end-of-life by recycling and re-use.

Réole, winner of the 2021 call for projects

In October 2021, EDF Pulse Incubation launched its first call for projects to identify its employees' solutions for building a low-carbon world. Réole won the call for projects in the “resilience” category.

In December, Philippe and Harun participated in a bootcamp organized by the EDF Pulse Factory teams to formalize and pitch their project very clearly. They are now entering the incubator to give their idea a boost.



EDF Pulse Incubation

A 3-stage support by EDF Pulse Incubation

Now part of the Group’s intrapreneurship program, Harun and Philippe will benefit from innovative work methods and the support of expert professionals.

They enter the first phase of the incubator, lasting three months: the “Boost” phase to explore the commercial and technical feasibility of their project, and to test customer desirability.

At the end of these 3 months, their project will be assessed on the basis of objective criteria and will receive a GO/NO GO to be able to move on to the following stages: the “Proof of Concept” (POC), and the “Pilot” phase.


They have the floor


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