In October 2021, EDF Pulse Incubation launched its first call for projects with the aim of discovering solutions proposed by its employees to build a low carbon world. All employees of the group and its subsidiaries in France were invited to share their innovative ideas.

3 areas

  • Resilience

    To help companies and local authorities adapt and become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

  • Energy sobriety

    To encourage individuals to consume less and more efficiently.

  • Major life changes

    To support individuals in their major life changes, whether it's a move, a new job, or a birth.

68 projects, 6 finalists, 3-day bootcamp

A selection committee evaluated the business potential of the 68 projects received and selected 6 finalist teams. These teams were invited to a 3-day bootcamp to discover new innovation methods, challenge their ideas, formalise their business model and prepare for the pitch to the grand jury.

The winners

At the end of the pitches, the grand jury selected 3 winning teams:

  • A turnkey solution for the dismantling and recycling of wind turbine components in order to provide a safer and less costly alternative to the dismantling operations already in place.

    RéoleResilience Category

  • A digital reconstruction of water basins to help local authorities and companies anticipate the quantity and quality of water in order to optimise distribution.

    HydroscopeEnergy Sobriety Category

  • A solar energy savings account to give a second life to the 350,000 solar panels that will reach the end of their purchase obligation by the end of 2035.

    Compte Solaire Major life changes Category

Marine Zimmermann

A financial award and customised support provided by the incubator

Each of the winning teams received a financial award of €20,000. They have also entered the pre-incubation phase within EDF Pulse Incubation and benefit from a network of internal and external experts specially chosen to help them develop their projects.

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