Julie is IoT Project Manager at EDF Hydro in Grenoble. Ludovic is in charge of the strategic steering of the IoT roadmap in the same direction. They have just integrated the intrapreneurship program called EDF Pulse Incubation with their project Easy Sense.

Julie et Ludovic, porteurs du projet Easy Sense

As is often the case with good ideas, the Easy Sense project began with a field observation: today, there are few industrial wireless sensors with good autonomy and cybersecurity, allowing data collection without dependence on a supplier.

Julie and Ludovic, together with other colleagues, developed an object that is energy-independent and compatible with all types of sensors, and that allows wireless data to be transported to the same location in a secure manner, especially in isolated areas. Already deployed in the EDF Group’s hydraulic power plants and in some of the Group’s nuclear power plants, Julie and Ludovic wish to explore the possibility of opening up new markets by integrating the intrapreneurship program of the EDF group.

EDF Pulse Factory

2 days of "Boost Factory" to boost their idea

In May 2022, Easy Sense participated in the “Boost Factory”, a two-day event organized in Lyon by EDF Pulse Factory teams.

Julie and Ludovic have learned to pitch, to question their certainties and to change perspective to rework their value proposition. It was a challenging but motivating exercise that enabled them to prepare their case for the incubation committee in the best possible way.


EDF Pulse Incubation

A tailor-made support within EDF Pulse Incubation

The incubator was designed to increase intrapreneur skills and transform teams into change leaders. Julie and Ludovic will therefore benefit from the most innovative work methods and the support of high-level internal and external professional experts to specify their project, define a solid business model and prototype their solution.

Every three months, their project will be evaluated based on objective criteria and will receive a GO/NO GO, until the possible release of their solution.


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