Flagship projects

A very high temperature water-cooled industrial heat pump

An industrial heat pump developed by EDF's R&D that uses water as a working fluid.

Preparing now for the electricity systems of tomorrow

Learn everything on this innovative test designed to facilitate the evolution of electricity systems to smart grids.

The Linky Radio Transmitter

The solution that allows all appliances (residential or business) to access LINKY meter data via a wireless connection.

Urban modelling tool: supporting the urban energy transition

An innovative platform to help cities simulate their development policy over the long term.

Metal-Air, a battery that breathes

An innovation that could revolutionise electric vehicles and energy storage.

Forecasting the weather for better control of wind and photovoltaic power generation

A solution to anticipate the electricity production of wind and photovoltaic using meteorological and climate data.

Floating LiDAR for the remote measurement of wind data

The Floating LiDAR, an optical radar that measures wind speed thanks to a laser beam.

Badaling thermodynamic solar power plant

Research work on an experimental platform dedicated to thermodynamic solar technology at Badaling in China.

Cluster CONNEXION: instrumentation and control for the future

Focus on an ambitious programme to develop control systems for nuclear power plants.

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