Focus on strategy EDF’s R&D identified 4 priorities to organize its research.

10 sites around the world With 3 sites in France and 7 internationally, EDF’s R&D team conducts projects on many subjects.

555 M€ budget
for EDF's R&D in 2015

Partners Industrials, research institutes, universities... EDF’s R&D works with many partners to accelerate its research projects.

Open innovation One team, one mission: identify innovative start-ups and recommend them to the Group.

Scientific communities News, theses, patents… Discover all the EDF’s R&D books and papers.

Vera Silva

Vera Silva holds a doctorate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London, and is currently appointed as the Electricity Markets & Systems programme manager, one of the Energy Management programmes run by EDF’s R&D division.

Philippe Stevens

With some twenty patents under his belt and a hobby as a private aircraft pilot, Philippe Stevens is a Franco-British researcher who displays a cool and composed temperament along with a modesty that is inversely proportional to the major significance of his research accomplishments. A winner of the Science Academy Awards 2005 for his work on fuel cells, his research is now focused on developing the disruptive battery technologies of the future. We went to meet him.

Myriam Paire

As a young graduate recently recruited by EDF’s R&D division, her thesis Small high-efficiency solar cells based on chalcopyrite Cu(In,Ga)Se2 materials won her the Science Award in the first R&D Awards of 2013. She is living proof that value can't be measured in years. We went to meet her.

2,100 employees
and 180 postgraduates
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