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572 M€ budget
for EDF's R&D in 2016
Sylvie Douzou
For over 30 years now, EDF's R&D has been deciphering the complex relations between the Group and its environment. Its researchers in human and social sciences, like Sylvie Douzou, fuel the EDF business lines with their expertise, by addressing a complex and long-under-appreciated field of research, namely the sociology of energy.
Abderrahim al Mazouzi
A Senior Researcher since 2009, Abderrahim Al Mazouzi contributes actively on the understanding of material ageing in nuclear environments. His expertise is recognized widely by his peers and has been attributed numerous academic awards.
Georges Hébrail
With a career experience alternating between positions of researcher and manager, Georges Hébrail has been fascinated with “data” for over 15 years. His credo: facilitating the ownership, mastery and processing of data to face the digital revolution and boost the performance of the company.
more than 2,000 employees
and 134 postgraduates
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