EDF group greenhouse effect gas emissions

EDF group's CO2 emissions* are well below those of other electricity producers, and are steadily declining. After passing under the 100 g of CO2/kWh mark in 2015, EDF Group’s specific carbon emissions delivered the figure of 48 g/kWh in 2021. The Group’s carbon intensity is now nine times lower than the sector’s average worldwide(1), and five times lower than the European average(2).

* Direct emissions excluding the life cycle analysis of generating plant and fuel.
(1) 2019 data, International Energy Agency, Emission Factors 2021, Sept. 2021.
(2) Estimation 2020, EU-27, European Environment Agency, Greenhouse gas emission intensity of electricity generation by country, Oct. 2021

2021 Key Figures

  • 48 g/kWh

    EDF Group Carbon Factor
    (-6% vs. 2020)

  • 91%

    EDF Group Production CO₂ free
    (+1% vs. 2020)


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