Entreprise engagée pour la Nature
To raise awareness of biodiversity issues among the general public and EDF employees

Fête de la nature, a longstanding partnership

EDF has committed to continue until at least 2022 its longstanding partnership with the Fête de la Nature. During this five-day annual festival, the company’s businesses organise events for the general public, EDF employees and their families in mainland France and the French overseas territories. The events present the company’s main actions in biodiversity conservation. The aim of these presentations, which are given under the Fête de la Nature label, is for EDF to help both external and internal audiences learn about natural ecosystems, the issues faced by the company in regard to biodiversity, and the work carried out with its environmental partners.

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An awareness & training programme

EDF commits to introducing an awareness-raising programme and training in biodiversity issues that will be specific for each of its business activities in France. The company will use a variety of means – face-to-face training, e-learning, Fresque de la Biodiversité® workshops, biodiversity chats, videos, etc. – to train and raise the awareness of more than 1,000 employees by 2022.