Entreprise engagée pour la Nature
Improve knowledge of biodiversity and share it with the science community


As part of the call for tenders, EDF Renewables made a commitment to allocate over €40 million for the data acquisition programme on top of the impact study.

Data acquisition programme

In 2019, EDF Renewables, the EDF subsidiary in charge of renewable energies, committed to a 30-year programme to acquire data on the state of species conservation and the quality of natural environments and ecosystem services in the Strait of Dover, where it is executing an offshore wind project.


In 2020 and 2021, EDF will compile a list of the collaboration wishes of the environmental non-profits and science organisations that it partners. It will then study project feasibility and identify the technical consequences and related costs. The first high structures will be equipped and tests started in 2022.

High structures made available to acquire data on fauna

EDF will make high structures such as pylons and masts available to environmental partners so that they can install systems to study and monitor fauna.

Study results made available

EDF has made a commitment to share the results of its programme of thermal and hydrobiological studies with its partners in the science community. It will work together with researchers to build its future R&D actions in this field. EDF will distribute knowledge tools and tools to assist with making decisions about a site’s environmental issues.


The science monitoring programme will work a priori with the partners already associated, and in particular the universities of Clermont-Ferrand and Grenoble, Irstea, Onema, Logrami, the French wild salmon conservation organisation and the Haute-Loire fishing federation. The monitoring of migratory fish (up and down) will be carried by systems not yet often used in fresh water, as acoustic emitters on salmon and an acoustic camera that will make it possible to witness the journey through the dam and the behaviour of the fish whatever the light and turbidity conditions.

Download the detailled map of the project [French]

Science monitoring programme

As part of the project to reconfigure the Poutès dam in the Allier river gorge and restore its ecological continuity, EDF has committed to work with local volunteers to build a five-year science monitoring programme of sediment and fish, and the adaptation of fauna and flora.