Nuclear - it’s safe, the evidence proves it

The safety of nuclear power stations is a constant concern. It covers the full lifecycle of facilities; from design to use to demolition. 

EDF R&D plays a role in all of these stages. It conducts experiments every day to anticipate and mitigate any present or future risks in a continuous improvement process. 

Immerse yourself in the key R&D safety projects and discover testing sites all over France. 

Gestion des risque Nucléaire EDF

Risk management - how France is setting an example

Safety and risk management are major issues for research in the nuclear sector.

And there are many subjects for experimentation! Find out about the major research areas for EDF R&D in terms of safety and the major innovations that are contributing to making French power stations a globally recognised model.

Photo Ignis Nucléaire EDF

Ignis : a hot new test site

IGNIS is the site that is getting EDF R&D researchers hot under the collar! Literally. This is where fire safety solutions are tested.

Ready? View a short video in immersion mode.

Job Portrait : Rémi Lang, EDF R&D Technician on the IGNIS site

His son calls him, “the man who burns electric cables”. For EDF R&D, he is a sort of firefighter, who models potential fires in power stations.  

Meet this extraordinary researcher in a video portrait.

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