Nuclear - 50 years and the future awaits

The operational life of nuclear power stations is a key issue for the EDF Group and, therefore, for its R&D.  

Research into materials in particular is an essential activity in the operational life of nuclear power plants. Every material reacts differently over time, to the climate etc.

Controlling these parameters is essential to meet the major challenges of energy production: safety and availability of installations, performance, etc.  

Join us and discover the major research projects conducted by EDF R&D on their test sites.

Durée de fonctionnement EDF

Materials Research : how R&D is combating power station ageing

Les centrales nucléaires sont composées d’une infinité de matériaux. Et l’un des rôles majeurs de la R&D d’EDF est d’anticiper et maîtriser l’impact du temps sur ces différents matériaux. Objectif : prévoir et assurer la disponibilité des installations, ainsi que leur sécurité et optimiser leur performance.

Découvrez comment nos chercheurs anticipent l’avenir des centrales nucléaires, en étudiant les différents matériaux dont elles sont composées.

Laboratoire Vercors EDF

The Vercors Laboratory : R&D resists!

Discover Vercors, a site where EDF R&D tests the resistance of nuclear facilities. Or, more precisely, the effect of time and activity on nuclear reactor confinement structures, using a maquette. Fascinating, isn’t it? Wait for the next bit!

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Entretien : comment le Groupe EDF pense le futur de ses centrales nucléaires

Interview : how the EDF Group sees the future of its nuclear power stations

The Grand Carénage (major refit) is a major industrial nuclear programme led by the EDF Group. It aims to modernise and renovate all of our nuclear power plants with all the players involved, in order to extend the life of the facilities in complete safely. 

Find out more in a fascinating joint interview with two experts from EDF R&D.

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