As part of an European project, led by Enedis, an innovative distribution substation-wide architecture will be deployed in India in partnership with the local grid-manager. This solution plans to combine "intelligent" equipments (storage system, transformer and electrical panel) with targeted management strategies, in order to improve the security of supply for customers in India.

Indeed, in the current context on the targeted local site, many power cuts take place annually. To improve the quality of supply, the deployment of micro-network type solutions allows local power to resume when the main network is under maintenance. Once separated from the grid, an Energy Management System, developed as part of the project, supervises the micro-grid to adapt the constraints in real time. The main challenge is therefore to guarantee the same quality of supply in this new configuration.

This solution involves multiple hardware from different companies that must interact together to supply customers. Tests at Concept Grid allowed to validate various points of interest such as the interoperability of systems, the validation of management strategies or the micro-grid protection plan. This systemic approach has once again demonstrated the value of testing Smart Grid solutions in a close-to-real environment, integrating all the various equipments. Thanks to the results obtained, the robustness of the tested solution has been strenghtened. This validation phase makes possible to expect an easier commissioning on the demonstration site.

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