One of the largest climatic chambers in Europe and a set of tests facilities for ageing, natural or artificial pollution


200 m3 climatic chamber that is able to create an environment between -40°C and +60°C, ice tests, solar radiation or humidity.

675 m3 accelerated ageing room fed with 60 kV and 170 kV 50 Hz voltage generators. Performing combined cycles of rain, salt spray, heat (+50°C), humidity and solar radiation.

Martigues seashore test station with several testing areas and different voltage generators from 2.2 kV up to 245 kV. Severe natural marine and industrial pollution conditions, high levels of solar radiation and low rainfall.

Climatic Chamber

Fully renovated, this testing facility simulates the environmental contraints that a material could encounter in real conditions of implantation.


Climatic room

Mobile climatic chamber

(L x W x H)

14,6 m x 6,5 m x 12,6 m (1200 m3)

2 m x 1,9 m x 6,9 m (26 m3)

Testing capacity

Temperatures: -40 °C / + 60 °C
Variation: -5°C/hour - +7°C/hour
Ice harrows: 12 m x 3 m et 2,5 m x 2,5 m
Sun harrow:  6 m x 2 m – 150 W
LT source  :
DC 0 à 300 V / 30 A
AC single-phase 0 to 250 V / 20 A
AC Three-phase 0 to 400 V / 63 A

Temperature: -25°C / + 60 °C

Performed tests

Climatical endurance test, under ice testing, solar radiation

Thermal conditioning  of measuring transformers

Accelerated ageing room

Generates severe climatic stresses for a relatively long period (ranging from weeks to a few months), allowing to withstand ageing

(L x W x H)

Accelerated ageing room
9,6 m x 7,4 m x 9,5 m (675 m3)

Testing capacity

2 adjustable single-phase 50 Hz sources :
0-57,8 kV and 0-170 kV
Combined cycle of rain / heat (+50°C)/humidity (Hr 95%)/salt fog/sun radiation

Performed tests

Powered ageing test, pollution, solar radiation

Martigues seashore test station


2,2/13,8 kV stand

24 kV stand

58 kV stand

140/245 kV stand

Sizes (L x W x H) 9,6 m x 7,4 m x 9,5 m
Testing capacity

Measurement of leakage currents and meteorological data
Severe marine and industrial pollution SPS Class C
Sunshine rate of 3000 hours per year
Low rainfall

Performed tests

Powered ageing tests for all types of materials

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