Batteries for Stationary Storage and Mobility


Complete tests on electrochimical batteries in dedicated laboratories :

  • performance and lifespan tests, cyclic and calendar ageing, safety
  • development of specifics testing methods combining all electrical and thermal requests
  • safety protocols expertise

Support to develop new batteries solutions :

  • definition of technical specifications
  • development of  prototype for post-industralization stage

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Our equipments

We have more than 300 Modular Cycling Bays up to 1000V-320kW-800A. And also :

  • 3 test laboratories, from the electrochemical cell to the complete system
  • Large climatic chambers
  • 2 abusive test areas from the cells to the complete pack (300kWh) - overcharge, short circuits, thermal constraints, drop tests
  • Experiments in real electrical systems on our Concept Grid (more informations on the specific page)
  • Post-Mortem analyses