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During the INMR World Congress 2019 (Tucson - USA), Mr. Delgrange - EDF R&D Laboratory Development Manager - welcomed Mr. De Santos, R&D Engineer at Verescence La Granja (glass insulator manufacturer), to the EDF Power Networks Lab booth.

In 2016, following the INMR World Congress 2015, Verescence La Granja decided to carry out tests on overhead line insulators at the EDF R&D Martigues test station, dedicated to studies the network equipment behaviour under severe pollution constraints.

Mr. De Santos had followed these tests and presented part of the results at the INMR World Congress 2017. Note: This work was also part of the final phase of his PhD.

Today, the aims expected by this customer have been achieved and product development will enter a new phase.
Mr. De Santos has expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the follow-up and exchanges during this first experience with EDF R&D technical teams: « I would like to express our gratitude to all EDF team involved in Martigues for the excellent work done for this project ».

For future products developments, Mr. De Santos will consult us for new tests, following the success of this first collaboration.

Insulators during the tests carried out at the Martigues test station
Héctor de Santos and Stéphane Delgrange exchange on the EDF Power Networks Lab booth at the INMR World Congress 2019 (Tucson USA - October 2019)