Green Bonds

EDF is a reference issuer in the Green Bond market, with the equivalent of €4.5bn issued through 5 tranches and 3 currencies

Since November 2013, EDF has issued the equivalent of around €4.5bn in Green Bonds to support its development in renewable energy sources.

Following the first two issuances that aimed to finance the construction of new wind and solar projects by EDF Energies Nouvelles, the Group extended its Green Bond Framework to financing of investments to renovate and modernise hydropower assets in mainland France. This new framework was first implemented for the October 2016 issuance.

Green Bonds are fully integrated to the Group’s financing policy, making EDF a frequent Green issuer participating in the development and liquidity of the Green Bond market.

Allocation status of Green Bonds proceeds at 30 June 2017

  Issue date(1) Maturity
(in years)
Nominal amount
(millions of currency units)
Currency Allocated funds as of 30/06/17 (in millions of currency units)
Construction of new renewable
capacity by EDF EN
Renovation, modernization
and development of existing hydroelectric facilities
in mainland France
GB1 11/2013 7.5 1,400 EUR 1,400 Not included in the "Use of Proceeds"
GB2 10/2015 10 1,250 USD 1,220 Not included in the "Use of Proceeds"
GB3 10/2016 10 1,750 EUR - 83
GB4 01/2017 12 19,600 JPY - -
01/2017 15 6,400 JPY - -

(1) Date of funds receipt

At 30 June 2017, the first funds raised during the October 2016 issuance have been allocated to hydropower investments in mainland France, and amount to €83m.

This amount contributed to funding nearly 90 renovation, modernisation and development projects of existing hydropower plants.

Reporting on EDF Green Bonds

New EDF Green Bond Framework

EDF is a leading European renewables generator, with more than 29GW of installed capacity in hydropower, wind, solar PV and other renewables. As a core component of its Cap 2030 strategy, the Group has set itself the goal of doubling its net installed renewables capacity to more than 50GW in 2030.
Based upon best market practices, this new Green Bond Framework by EDF, applicable to potential future issuances, aims to extend the existing scope of investments eligible to Green Bond financing:  in addition to new wind and solar projects (as per previous Green Bonds), investments to modernise and upgrade hydropower facilities in mainland France managed by EDF’s Hydro Division become eligible to Green Bond financing.
The EDF Green Bond Framework builds on the structure developed for EDF’s previous Green Bond issuances under which EDF committed to, and delivered, high levels of transparency and external scrutiny on use of proceeds, fund management, proceeds allocation and reported information, in line with the ICMA Green Bon Principles.
You can find below detailed information on the new EDF Green Bond Framework.
The EDF Investor Relations team is available to address questions investors may have on this Framework.

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