Imagine driving your electric car into a car park and not having to go to a specific spot. You can park your car and charge it anywhere. Only in dreams? Not at all!

Mob-Energy is transforming the charging model for electric vehicles. No more fixed terminals! This small, autonomous mobile robot can charge any kind of car (up to 48 vehicles in 24 hours!) using an adapter the size of a shoebox, positioned under your vehicle. In other words, energy goes where it is needed, when it is needed. This innovation crosses the line… to boost access to charging and to speed up the electrification of urban mobility!

The team and their undeniable potential were awarded “Best newcomer” by the 2019 EDF Pulse start-up Awards Jury.


"Three words to define the Pulse adventure? Stressful, exciting, and motivating."

Salim El Houat - CEO & co-founder of Mob Energy
  1. Sustainable territories
  2. France
  3. 2018
  4. 3 employees
  5. €161K raised
Key figures

Coming from INSA Lyon (industrial engineering and mechanical engineering), Mob-Energy’s three engineer co-founders are supported by three senior entrepreneurs on the business side, along with a small R&D team focusing on robotics, electrical engineering, and mechanics.

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