The solution developed by Carbon8 provides a simultaneous response to 2 priority problems: reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the volume of waste. 

Carbon8 has developed a process for recovering certain industrial residues, such as dust and ash, by combining them with CO2. The latter is then permanently sequestered by the carbonation process, which transforms it into stone. This enables manufacturers to recycle waste that was previously sent to landfill sites. The aggregates produced by this process can be used as part of a circular economy for the construction of low-carbon buildings. 

Carbon8's carbonation technology is one of the most mature on the market and has the advantage of being able to be deployed in situ in a variety of industrial sectors, including cement plants, biomass heating plants, incinerators, paper mills and steel mills. 

EDF Pulse Ventures invested in the company in 2022.

  • 2006


  • 2022

    Investment by EDF Pulse Ventures

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