Originating from its intrapreneurial program, Yxir is the new subsidiary of the EDF group, which enables industrials, via Artificial Intelligence (AI), to control the quality of their products and services through the processing and analysis of data derived from their quality management system. With Yxir, EDF aims to address the issue of “sub-quality”, the cost of which for an industrial company amounts to approximately 9% of its turnover(1).

While industrial quality systems are full of useful information for improving production processes, the quality of finished products or even their design, barely 20% of the data is actually exploited(2). Often in different formats, many data are derived from unstructured text fields. Some of them simply do not have the quality required for statistical analysis. And all of them are usually dispersed in databases that don't communicate with each other.

Yxir’s solution uses AI, and in particular language processing algorithms, to unlock the full potential intelligence of a quality system for industrial performance.

By creating a unique knowledge base that allows data to talk to each other, Yxir helps operations teams make the right decisions faster.

Concretely, in the event of an anomaly, a production manager will be offered resolution tracks based on the history or standard documentation. The quality engineer will identify, with a few clicks, weak signals or isolate recurrences and carry out more precise cause analyzes. Yxir’s intuitive and innovative solution puts AI at the service of the human being to improve industrial performance.

(1) AFNOR, Costs of sub-standard quality in industry, 2017.
(2) https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/fr/ip_22_1113, 2022.


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