Health & Safety: EDF policy

Protecting the health and safety of its staff and all of those who work on EDF sites is an absolute priority.

As such, the Group has developed a health and safety policy, built around a single ambition: zero accidents and zero impact on health.

Delivered locally, the policy is binding for every Group company and each of their employees and service providers.


“Life’s Good”: an EDF safety campaign

Entitled “Life’s Good”, this EDF communication campaign lays the foundations for a comprehensive prevention culture shared by the whole Group.

Through accounts from various Group employees and service providers, a video and poster campaign present 10 essential rules to implant in our collective consciousness. It forms part of a general message intended to go beyond just the workplace, that following these essential rules will also keep your family happy.

Group employees got involved to transmit the message and build the communications campaign: everyone featured in the posters works for the Group.