The EDF Group Fundation

The EDF Group Foundation has been working for more than thirty years and supports associations and NGOs to build a more fair and human society, where all energies are mobilized in favor of shared progress.

It works for equal opportunities by working on:

  • The integration through education and training 
  • The encouragement of eco-citizen actions in the territories 
  • The promotion and understanding of current issues through culture 

The Foundation is committed to supporting projects that promote the environment, but also education, scientific culture and the arts to inspire and ensure that everyone has the same starting opportunities while encouraging young people to invent the world of tomorrow.

The Foundation works particularly on the professional integration of people far from employment. It has partnered with numerous associations to achieve this: Second Chance Schools, Chemin d’avenir (rural France), Institut Télémaque. 58 projects were supported in this area in 2022, helping more than 85,000 people.

Professional integration of young people with 1jeune1solution

In 2020, the job market was weakened due to the health crisis. 
As part of the recovery plan, the French Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration has put the website “” online. This platform is intended to support, train and facilitate entry into professional life for all young French people. 

EDF is one of 35 companies committed to creating 100,000 jobs for young people. The professional integration of young people, the development of work-study programs, the fight against discrimination and support for people who are far from employment are fundamental to the EDF group. 

All EDF internship offers can be found on the 1jeune1solution platform

Our solidarity commitment: FAPE (The act for employment fund)

A solidarity initiative managed by the EDF group and trade union organizations, FAPE is a fund which acts for the professional integration of people in difficulty or far from employment. 
Each year, donations from Group employees and retirees (matched by partner companies) support more than 300 projects and contribute to the creation or maintenance of nearly 3,500 jobs in France. 

FAPE has 4 action themes:

  • Integration

    through the support of integration structures which offer support and professional activity to unemployed people experiencing social and professional difficulties. 

  • Business creation

    VSEs set up by unemployed people far from employment in disadvantaged areas or by young people (public particularly affected by unemployment). 

  • Mobility

    difficulties in getting around constitute one of the first obstacles to access to employment.

  • Social & solidarity economy

    which promote access to employment and create social bonds in a dynamic of sustainable development.

To go further

Our commitment to disability

EDF aims to open its doors to all skills and all energies, without exclusion.

Discover our commitments in favor of the professional integration of disabled persons.

Our commitment to inclusion

For EDF, diversity in business is a source of wealth and a lever for collective performance, like our society.

This is why the EDF group is vigilant in promoting an ever more inclusive work environment. For several years, it has been pursuing an active policy of combating all forms of discrimination: sex, age, origin, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.