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Well-being at work, the health and safety of all, ethics and respect for human rights, action in favor of equality, diversity and inclusion... are at the heart of social commitments of the EDF group.

Our corporate culture is based on benevolence and mutual assistance.

Our CSR values


  • Respect employees as individuals, their rights, and base our professional relations within the Group on listening, dialogue, trust and team spirit.
  • Prohibit any harassing or discriminatory behavior
  • Prevent and treat in life at work all situations of physical or moral violence, intolerance or injustice.
  • Respect the opinions of everyone, including politicians, trade unions or religious, and refrain from imposing them on others.
Our CSR values


  • Acting for the collective and promoting social cohesion within the group.
  • Accompany the most vulnerable people among our colleagues or third parties
  • Promote access to knowledge, as well as its transmission, in particular between generations of Group employees.
Our CSR values


Listening and acting with honesty, impartiality, fairness and transparency with regard to employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, associations and public authorities.

In addition, EDF has adhered to the United Nations Global Compact since 2001 and undertakes to respect ten principles relating to human rights, labor law, the environment and the fight against corruption.

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    Ratings received by EDF on the Indeed and Glassdoor sites.

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    of our interns and work-study trainees recommend EDF.

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    of employees would recommend the EDF group.

A company that modernizes its working and management methods

Through its management

In 2021, EDF signs the “Work Otherwise Manager Otherwise” agreement, following the health crisis.
This agreement reconciles performance and well-being. It also aims to perpetuate the agile and innovative work and management practices implemented during the health crisis.
It plans to review the current working methods to adapt to the needs and expectations of the Group's employees.

Its objective is to increase the empowerment of employees by giving them more autonomy and flexibility in their missions and the management of their worktime. This involves in particular the implementation of teleworking, the complete management of the subjects inherent in their activities, the training of managers as well...

Through its social listening

Each employee has expectations and needs. The EDF group wants to be as close as possible to the desires of its employees. Thus, a global satisfaction survey of the Group has been in place for several years. Produced with IPSOS, employees answer various questions about the organization of the Group.

All the answers are then analyzed to find the points of improvement necessary to implement.

Sustainable mobility at EDF

More than ever, the subject of sustainable mobility is at the heart of the Group's news.
Our actions are bearing fruit since 3 EDF sites have been labeled Employer Pro-Velo since November 2022. The pro-cycling employer label, what is it? Issued by the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB), this certification aims to encourage employees/customers/suppliers to use bicycles in their daily journeys by promoting ambitious pro-cycling actions implemented by public and private employers.

The National Center for Electrical Production Equipment in Tours has just obtained the gold level Pro-bike Employer label.
This engineering site thus joins that of Cap Ampère and the hydraulics center in Grenoble. It offers EDF the 1st place of labeled employers with 3 rewarded sites.

This label is reflected for employees by:

  • The increase in secure bicycle parking,
  • The installation of maintenance equipment,
  • The organization of repair workshops…

For EDF, this Employer Pro-Velo label is a continuation of the Group's sustainable mobility action plan signed unanimously in November 2019, the commitment was made to create an "Employer sustainable mobility plan" for sites with more than 100 employees.

By moving less and better, the EDF group wishes to develop more solutions that respect the environment and offer commuting methods that serve employees and collective performance.

Committed to the climate and sustainable mobility, the EDF group encourages its employees to mobilize for a CO2-neutral energy future thanks to:

  • The promotion of carpooling with the payment of a flat rate for frequent carpooling employees and a negotiated carpooling offer
  • Negotiated rates on the purchase or rental of electric vehicles, discounts on the
  • Recharging Pass and the installation of charging stations at home.
  • Discounts on the purchase of a bicycle and safety equipment,
  • 50% coverage of the subscription to a public bike rental service

Because yes, at EDF, cycling is strongly encouraged, it is one of the best means of ecological transport which allows you to move quickly and independently while saving fuel costs! ​