The Group is harnessing all its skills to support customers, while meeting the challenges of the energy and digital transition: there are 230 job roles in EDF and its subsidiaries, across a wide range of specialisms.  

1. To do a meaningful job

EDF's raison d’être is to build a net zero energy future that combines saving the planet with wellbeing and development, thanks to electricity and innovative solutions and services. Faced with a climate emergency, we want to invent a new energy model wherever we operate: lower-carbon, more efficient, more environment and people friendly. Determined to uphold the values of public service, EDF is committed to a fair, innovative and sustainable energy future.

It is for us all, the women and men of the company, proud of our public service mission, to shape the future. 
Are you also seeking a meaningful job? Become an energy specialist in the EDF Group. 

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2. To meet challenges that equal your ambitions

As part of the Group, you will develop your full potential by joining forces with the 165,000 employees, the women and men of EDF who, throughout France, innovate on a daily basis to address the Group's challenges, in a 3-pronged approach:

  • Tailored customer support

    To help our customers consume less but consume smarter, whether they are households, companies or communities, we must continuously reinvent ourselves in order to meet their expectations. 

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  • More climate-friendly energy sources

    With 90% non-CO2-emitting generation, the EDF Group is a flagbearer for low-carbon growth by dint of an energy mix that draws on all sources: nuclear, water, wind, solar, biomass, etc.

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  • Support the energy transition worldwide

    EDF has established itself as a leader in the energy transition by exporting its know-how in nuclear power, renewable energies, and energy services. The Group aims to triple its international operations by 2030.  

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R&D is central to the EDF Group's response to major challenges

It covers all the specialisms and activities of the energy sector  

1,940 employees are deployed in research and development

€713M invested in 2019  

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3. Because your wellbeing and safety in the workplace are a priority for us

In 2018, the EDF Group made a strong new commitment to the health and safety of Group employees and contractors. Employees and contractors health is the EDF Group's most valuable asset. No degree of urgency justifies taking risks. We work day by day to develop a culture of risk prevention at all levels in our organizations.

  • 81 %

    of employees are proud to work for the EDF Group

  • 90 %

    of students with work placements in EDF recommend the company

  • 85 %

    of EDF SA employees received training in 2019

Work Differently, Manage Differently

Since 2016, in cooperation with Group employees, EDF has been trialling new arrangements for working and commuting. The "Work Differently, Manage Differently" project aims to identify work and management good practices that must be sustainably embedded in the Group.

4. Because we will recognize and foster your skills

At EDF, we can offer you complete and varied career paths.

  • Mobility

    There are many paths bridging the different specialisms and entities of the Group, which fosters internal mobility, role-to-role mobility, and geographical mobility: it is a key driver for developing skills as well as for reskilling in response to changes in the company and in the energy market. 

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  • Attractive salary packages

    EDF's remuneration policy aims to recognize the responsibilities, skills, professionalism and commitment of all those working for the Group.

  • Training for skills development accessible to all

    EDF supports employees in the success of their career paths.

5. Because we are committed to people and communities


A remit and a public service mission that inspire 3 principles of accountability for a responsible industry.

In our very DNA

90% of the electricity generated by the Group has zero or low C02 emissions.

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And invested in our employees

  • Equal opportunities: a strong commitment from the Group

  • Disability: a strong disability policy

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  • The fight against discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or gender

  • A health and safety policy centred on a zero accident objective on our sites, and zero health impact