A benchmark in health and safety

In 2020, the EDF Group set up an action plan based on the principle of peer-to-peer coaching ("vigilance partagée" or shared vigilance). Dare to challenge, know how to challenge, accept challenge: those steps are all vital to building a shared industrial safety culture. Working together to improve the behaviours of all is key to enhancing and embedding an industrial safety culture.  

At the end of 2021, 35.16% of EDF Group employees were covered by ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification, as well as MASE certification (Company Safety Improvement Manual), an initiative to which EDF reiterated its commitment with a renewed partnership agreement, on 16 December 2021, to work with its contractor partners to further improve health and safety performance in the Group. 87% of production sites are certified.


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The safety and the health of its employees, women and men, and of all those working on its sites, is EDF's highest priority. For this reason, the Group has adopted a health and safety policy with a prime objective of eradicating fatal and serious accidents by the end of 2023. Implemented at a local level, this policy is binding for all the Group's companies, and for all staff and contractors.

In 2021, the Group adopted a new health and safety policy based on an agreement signed by all Executive Committee members, highlighting the importance of the teamwork required to make progress in this area, and of the requirements laid down for all the Group's directorates, departments and companies to strengthen the initiatives in place.

Find out more about the health and safety policy
No degree of urgency justifies taking risks

"Guardian angels", an EDF safety campaign

In addition to the action plan, an awareness campaign entitled "Guardian angels" has the dual objective of increasing a shared mindfulness of major risks while raising employee awareness of all types of hazards. We are all responsible for our own safety and for that of colleagues.


Labour laws are long-established and must be followed to the letter, with zero tolerance for noncompliance. When workers come across a situation that may present a hazard, they must intervene. Safety is everybody's responsibility. We must all take care of ourselves but also of others. It means knowing when to close down a worksite. If any one of us feels that a situation is unsafe, we have the right, the duty, to say "Stop". No degree of urgency justifies taking physical risks, for oneself or others. By building on the company's 10 lifesaving rules, this awareness campaign spotlights every individual's right and duty to say STOP in a an emergency, whatever the hazard.