NUWARD™ SMR, leading the way to a low‑carbon world

EDF strongly believes SMRs have the potential to play a crucial role as part of the global initiative to curb the impact of climate change.

While many countries set ambitious decarbonization goals in order to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, NUWARD™ offers a sustainable solution for quick access to  baseload, dispatchable, affordable and low carbon power generation.

Key features & benefits

NUWARD™ is a 340MWe SMR plant with two independent reactors (170MWe each) housed in a single nuclear building, optimizing the use of mutualised equipment.

NUWARD™ introduces a balanced approach to utilizing proven technologies and integrating innovations to increase constructability, operational competitiveness and environmental performance.


  • A fully integrated Generation III+ Pressurised Water Reactor, meeting the highest safety standards
  • A design focused on standardisation, modular manufacturing and simplicity for in-factory mass production, flexibility in the construction and operation phases, compliant with IAEA Safety Standards and WENRA requirements and best practices
  • A design developed to support load following and adapted also for non-electric usages
  • A complementary solution to renewable energy sources, aimed at replacing ageing coal-fired plants in the 300-400MWe range, supplying remote municipalities and energy-intensive industrial sites, powering grids with limited capacity for large power plants

Technical features

  • Electrical power output: 2 x 170 MWe
  • Thermal Power: 2 x 540 MWth
  • Plant design availability: ≥ 90%
  • Primary system: Integrated primary loop
  • Operation cycle length: Up to 24 months
  • Design service life: 60 years
  • Instrumentation & Control: Fully digital
  • Fuel assemblies in core: 76 assemblies

Adaptable by design to best fit local needs

Beyond electricity production, NUWARD™ is also being designed to support other potential market needs such as:

  1. Plane

    Hydrogen production

  2. Cogeneration

    Heat & electricity cogeneration

  3. District heating

    District heating

  4. Desalinisation

    Water desalinization

A low-carbon energy solution

NUWARD™ is primarily aimed at replacing coal-fired power plants and supplying low-carbon electricity to remote areas or small-scale grids.