Sediver chooses EDF Power Networks Lab to qualify long-size silicone coated insulators strings.


As part of an international contract, Sediver entrusted the EDF Power Networks Lab test facilities to carry out a test campaign in accordance with end user specifications and IEC 61467 reference standard.
The purpose of these tests was to demonstrate the effectiveness of the insulator set design to withstand power arcs induced by fault current that may occur on a 500 kV transmission line.
These tests consisted primarily of a sequence of three short-circuits of 63 kA each applied to the insulator strings. They were followed by visual, electrical (dry power frequency flashover) and mechanical verification tests performed individually on each insulator unit and mechanical load-bearing fittings.
Power arc tests were carried out on one “V-suspension set” and one “quadruple tension set” consisting respectively of 2 and 4 strings of 46 silicone-coated toughened glass insulator units (160kN fog type) and approximately 7.80 m long. The non-standard dimensions of these strings of insulators required specific adaptation of the test means.
The Sediver supply successfully passed the various tests.
These power arc tests for this specific project represented a major technological challenge. It’s a world premiere since no such tests have ever been performed on such long strings and at such high short-circuit current, and furthermore on silicone coated toughened glass insulators.
This test campaign once again demonstrates the adaptability of EDF Power Networks Lab test resources.