A first successful collaboration between Cablel Hellenic Cables Group and EDF Power Networks Lab

During the JICABLE 2019 event, Mr Constantinou, Group Quality Manager of the Greek power and telecommunication cable manufacturer Cablel Hellenic Cables, discovered all of our test facilities thanks to an organised visit of our installations on the EDF Lab les Renardières site.

Following this day, Cablel Hellenic Cables entrusted our teams with a skin effect measurement on a 2500 mm² aluminum HVAC cable conductor. These measurements were carried out on an alternative current resistance (RAC) measuring bench which allows heating the core of large cross-section cables up to 90°C. Thanks to a stabilized 50 Hz power supply and a device for cancelling the reactive component of the signal, EDF Power Networks Lab technical teams determined the AC resistance of the conductor with an accuracy of 0.15% and then deduced the impact of the skin effect. This work will enable Cablel Hellenic Cables to refine its models on the transit capacity of their prototype cable.

Cablel Hellenic Cables expressed its satisfaction with these first results and the EDF Power Networks Lab teams remain mobilised to continue tests on other cables in our various test facilities.