Three campaigns and new commitments

The Foundation had defined three major campaigns: “Let’s change for the sake of future generations” – “Let’s act in favour of inclusive territories” – “Let’s channel our energies”.

The imperative wording reflects the Foundation’s desire to support projects with a genuine impact on civil society and to promote the active involvement of EDF employees.

“Let's change for the sake of future generations”

To ensure a sustainable living environment for future generations, the EDF Group Foundation supports environmental protection projects and actions to raise awareness of climate issues and biodiversity loss. It also supports cultural and educational projects designed to provide each and everyone with the intellectual tools needed to better address the challenges of the future, and anticipate the actions to be taken. This fight for future generations concerns two fields: education and the environment.

“Let’s act in favour of inclusive territories”

Similarly to social inequalities, territorial inequalities also represent a major challenge at the start of this century. As part of the Foundation’s new mandate, “territorial philanthropy” in favour of local communities is a priority, and relies on a network of correspondents in regional delegations, in overseas territories and in Corsica. These correspondents, who are familiar with their territory, are best suited to set up projects that meet specific local needs.

“Let’s channel our energies”

Employee engagement is an essential driver for the Foundation. Participating in projects brings together and federates people, and creates a sense of pride in belonging to the company. Various engagement programmes are offered to make sure that each employee who so wishes may become involved in public interest projects according to their preference, availability and skills: volunteering (« journée solidaire », a kind of ‘worked holiday’ under French law, ‘solidarity leave’, time donations) or donating working time in the context of skills-based volunteering programmes (see insert). Each year, the Foundation recognizes the engagement of EDF employees personally involved in volunteering initiatives by awarding financial grants to non-profit associations for their projects.