The solar self-consumption market is growing rapidly

Driven by soaring energy prices, the solar self-consumption market in France is experiencing spectacular development, with growth rates of over 50% per year (source: Enedis Open Data). Many residential customers, companies and local authorities are turning to a simple, fast and economical solution for producing their own electricity.

Today, there are nearly 240,000 self-consumption installations in France (source: Enedis Open Data, 4th quarter 2022). There are two types of self-consumption: individual and collective. In the first case, whether you are a residential customer, a company or a community, you produce your own electricity in order to consume it. In the second case, producers and consumers located in the same area join forces (for example, a shopping centre and the shops it houses, companies in the same industrial park, etc.) and production is shared according to collectively agreed rules.


The solutions offered by EDF and its subsidiary EDF ENR

Consuming the electricity you produce is easy with the installation of solar panels. The EDF Group will remain by your side throughout your project.

Collective self-consumption

How does it work?

Producing your own solar electricity and sharing it locally is possible. The EDF Group can help you set up and optimise your collective self-consumption project.

* Survey carried out in 2022 by the OpinionWay Institute among a sample of 1,027 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.