Alert System

If a situation arises that is contrary to the principles and rules of the Group Code of Ethics or the Group Ethics & Compliance Policy, any employee may, in good faith, alert the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO) or an executive director in his/her entity.

If, given the situation, it appears inappropriate to report the matter to the CECO or an executive director, an employee may, in confidence and without any risk, directly report it to the Group Ethics & Compliance Division using the form available from the intranet or below.

The legitimate rights and interests of the whistleblower, along with those of people who may be involved, are protected.

The use of the whistleblowing system is strictly limited to the factual reporting of alleged facts of which the whistleblower has direct experience and which are materially verifiable.

Employees who, in bad faith, report wrongdoing by disclosing false or misleading information or malicious information may be subject to disciplinary, civil or criminal proceedings.

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