Sectors of application

Boiler manufacturing / Piping / Energy / Aeronautics / Transportation / Petrochemical industry / Mechanics / Engineering / Research & Development

Your challenges

  • To design or to perform a high-value-added instrumented welding test
  • To use various high performance measurement systems
  • To design and/or create plastic or metallic mock-ups
  • To study the thermomechanical and thermo-hydraulic phenomena of TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding

Our strengths

  • Numerous multi-disciplinary studies on TIG welding, covering thermomechanical and thermo-hydraulic aspects;
  • Strong connection with our experimental team;
  • Several advanced instrumentation devices;
  • A very complete machine shop;
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (papers, patents, partnerships).

Our offer

  • Trial and test campaigns in the field of welding, either under external mechanical stress (traction) or not;
    • Use of high-performance temperature measurement systems, mechanical deformations, fast infrared imaging, emission and acoustic emission spectroscopy (see the information on our equipment on the left)
  • Design and on-site machining of metal parts (milling, turning, cutting);
  • Modelling studies and expertise in TIG welding (in the thermomechanical and thermo-hydraulic fields).
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Use case examples

EDF Nuclear: Simulations of various maintenance operations in the nuclear plant pool, involving TIG welding, in order to improve process control and to provide the Nuclear Safety Authority with justifications for extending the service life of power plants.

EDF R&D: Machining of models (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plexiglass, etc.) for various EDF R&D laboratories.

NeT Network (Neutron Techniques Standardization for Structural Integrity): Performance of simulations and tests on models (machined on site) dedicated to the study of mechanical stress during welding.

French Atomic Energy Agency and Framatome: Development of joint studies and tests on TIG welding.

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