Sectors of application

Public authorities / Urban planning / Industry / River, marine, coastal, port infrastructures / Offshore industry

Your challenges

  • To study the interactions between the environment and industrial, marine or river infrastructures
  • To assess natural risks, to guarantee security versus flood, storm, surge, draught, heat wave, or clogging of water intakes (by sediments, fish, jellyfish, plants and algae, etc.)
  • To characterize extreme events, or global warming effects, and to design adjustments
  • To dimension your coastal or river infrastructures, complying with environmental regulation and local constraints
  • To create innovative solutions, which combine performance with environmental and sanitary acceptance (ex. fish pass, river continuity, restoration/renaturation of water bodies, etc.)
  • To manage the multiple uses of water with respect to your needs


Our strengths

  • Our historical expertise since 1946 (LNHE – National Laboratory for Hydraulics and the Environment)
  • Our broad, comprehensive offer, that enables us to solve each problem accurately
  • We master calculation software, by involving in their development
  • Our ability to deal with complex cases (ex. turbulence, vibration, data treatment, etc.), through our R&D network
  • Our applied-research background, tightly interacting with EDF’s engineering and operation units

Our offer

  • Numerical and experimental modelling of river and ocean/sea phenomena : flow, current, wave, swell, tide, sediment transport and morphological evolution
  • Simulation/modelling of water quality
  • Exposure assessment for human populations and environmental compartments (including modelling of chemical behaviour in water bodies, ground, atmosphere, biological and human organisms, by pharmaco-kinetics)
  • Expertise, Audit, Owner assistance in : design, specification, construction, operation, counter-expertise of physical and numerical models
  • Facilities for rent : basins and flumes
  • Equipment for rent : measuring device, scale models, etc.
  • Measurement, catchment, monitoring :  field/on-site, or on a scale model


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Use case examples

Artelia, CEREMA, HR Wallingford , BAW, Cerfacs, Daresbury Laboratory (since 2011): consortium for Open Source distribution of TELEMAC-MASCARET ( integrated suite of solvers (used by the French flood forecasting department SCHAPI, SPC).

Yuansuan, China SaaS Cloud project (2020): expertise and training on TELEMAC-MASCARET solvers, assistance with technical project realization.

EPRI (2012): shared experience in power plant cooling water filtration.

EDF Renewables (since 2012): hydrodynamic studies for offshore wind and floating wind turbines dimension. Expertise on : ocean weather data, marine current turbines, swell energy, etc.

French Biodiversity Agency (AFB) (since 1982): expertise partner on fish migration and fish-pass design.

ENPC, CEREMA (since 2008): «Saint Venant» common hydraulics laboratory

INRAE ex-IRSTEA (since 2009): «Hynes» common research team on hydroecology

CNRS (since 2018): «Melusine» common research team on effluent treatment processes + Partner in chemistry, microbiology, radioecology

IRSN, CEA: radioecology partner

INERIS: ecotoxicology partner

IFREMER, MNHN: biodiversity partner

Deltares: water quality partner

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