Sectors of application

Network equipment/Microgrids/Battery storage/Flywheels/Super-capacitors/Electric vehicles (EVs)/Photovoltaic (PV) installations/Energy Management Systems (EMS)/Telecom compatibility: powerline communication (PLC), IEC-61850/Real-time simulation/Co-Simulation

Your challenges

  • To validate the incorporation of new equipment or a new solution into the power distribution network under real conditions
  • To accelerate the development of your technology by pushing it to its operating limits, while fully controlling test conditions
  • To eliminate the risks associated with your technology by confronting it with disrupted and reproducible situations, in order to ensure a secure installation in the field

Our strengths

  • A unique test resource with great flexibility (wide range of tests): Concept Grid
  • Installations that ensure the representativeness of real field conditions and the possibility of creating extensive disruptions
  • A team fully dedicated to the study of your needs and the performance of your tests
  • The possibility of using Concept Grid as a showcase for your achievements (visits, publications, etc.)

Our offer

  • Precise study of your need (if necessary, pre-testing performed by us to adapt the Concept Grid to your issues)
  • Test campaigns in real situations on an experimental electrical system that is representative of reality
  • Study of hardware and software integration
  • Realisation of test scenarios in normal and disrupted situations: short circuits, voltage dips, harmonic pollution, etc. Possibility of reproducing real U/I signals recorded in your field
  • Test reproducibility and speed of execution (ex: 60 Medium Voltage short circuits in one week on a real network)
  • Complete test report including the measurements carried out in accordance with your needs
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Use case examples

Nice Smart Valley: Simulation in Concept Grid of the architecture of the actual electric network of the Lérins Island with the integration of two battery storage systems. Before commissioning on the island, carrying out network stability tests in all possible configurations and various load profiles, tests of transient phases in uninterrupted pilot mode, tests of network protection plan (MV defaults and LV short-circuits ).

Venteea project: Tests on several pieces of network equipment: MV/LV transformers with on-load tap changers, network recloser, overhead fault detector (30 years of feedback in one week).

EDF Business Unit: Validation of operations and performance of an EMS (Energy Management System). Creation of a microgrid with several devices (diesel generator, battery storage, PV, sensors, loads...). Test of the optimal control of devices with the EMS in order to provide services to the client and to the network operator. Test of various scenarios (following a power set point at the coupling point, frequency control service, management of time-of-use pricing...)

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