Sectors of application

General industry, electricity producers (nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydraulic), tertiary…

Your challenges

  • Verify the conformity of manufacturers’ datasheet with bespoke specifications
  • Ensure system performance and durability
  • Detect high-risk designs

Our strengths

  • A recognized expertise in the field of transformers, the knowledge of the industrial fabric and the mastery of the rules of the art. Technical know-how proven by industrial studies carried out on EDF's production park in the last 30 years.
  • Advanced numerical simulation tools, developed in-house, in 2D and 3D, consolidated by expert industrial know-how:
  • Finite element calculation software:
  • Electromagnetism (code_Carmel)
  • Thermal (Syrthes)
  • Finite volume calculation software:
  • Thermo-hydraulics (Saturn Code)
  • IT development skills allowing a total mastery of business standards.
  • Support for test reviews.
  • Support from EDF research engineers, experts in transformer technologies and their applications. Assistance in defining test procedures and interpreting results.
  • An R&D network with high voltage test facilities that can easily be mobilized if need be.

Our offer

The offer consists in:

  • Support for the drafting of the specifications
  • Design review
  • Support and assistance during acceptance tests

The offer can be detailed as follows:

  • Assistance during the drafting of the specifications
  • Design review:
  • Compliance with specifications
  • Expert advice (on thermal, dielectric and mechanical  performance – short-circuit resistance)
  • Use of advanced numerical tools and calculation means for verification of the positioning of hot spots and fiber optic instrumentation, the thermal behavior in degraded mode situations, the transmission coefficient of over-voltages and the stress on the electrical installations when the transformer is energized
  • For acceptance tests, support for the specification, test monitoring and review of test results for compliance with expected performance
  • Assistance during on-site measurements for commissioning to verify compliance with the specifications
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