Sectors of application

Nuclear industry / Mechanical, aeronautics and transport industries / Oil industry

Your challenges

  • To assess the performance of ultrasonic non-destructive testing on a metallic component with a complex structure
  • To link the microstructural characteristics and the test performance
  • To model ultrasonic tests based on a detailed characterisation of the structure
  • To implement advanced experimental techniques

Our strengths

  • Understanding of the physical phenomena of ultrasonic testing
  • Support in the qualification of ultrasonic testing processes for the nuclear industry
  • Implementation of leading ultrasonic non-destructive testing software, which has been qualified in the nuclear field
  • Expertise in the field of the impact of the metallurgical structure on test performances
  • Metallurgical assessment and structure characterisation resources available
  • Development of innovative testing techniques
  • (Metallic) materials database for modelling

Our offer

  • Test campaign on representative models
  • Test modelling study with advanced software
  • Characterisation of the material data essential to the modelling of ultrasonic testing, based on the analysis resources available in our metallurgical assessment laboratory
  • Development of experimental and digital study programmes, implementing the methodology developed at EDF R&D
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Use case examples

ONET: Simulation of thickness loss tests under pipe retainers

The Welding Institute UK Simulation of ultrasonic tests on austenitic stainless steel welds

DCNS/EXTENDE/French Atomic Energy Agency: Collaboration in the context of the ANR MOSAICS project to approve simulation codes for the testing of austenitic stainless steel welds

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