Sectors of application

All sectors: industrial, tertiary, local authorities

Your challenges

  • To know the operating principles of your energy and fluid supplies and to identify the issues and levers (financial, regulatory, etc.) of energy efficiency
  • To know the technical solutions, to master best practices and to detect installation operating deviations
  • To study the possible implementation of modifications on your own installations and to quantify their technical and economic benefits
  • To share the same level of knowledge and skill among all your energy managers

Our strengths

  • Each module is presented by EDF R&D experts who have carried out numerous audits on our customers’ premises.  This knowledge of real field conditions enables a detailed exchange that is greatly appreciated by trainees.
  • Our training courses are based on practical work in our numerous laboratories, for directly applicable knowledge.
  • Our expert trainers are neutral with respect to manufacturers, so it is possible to compare the performance of your various sites.

Our offer

Training programmes that can be customised to meet your needs:

  • Know, assess and control energy performance indicators
  • Become familiar with the normative and regulatory context of energy efficiency
  • Master benchmark energy audit methods (EN 16247)
  • Know the operating principles of energy supplies and services (heat, cooling, ventilation (HVAC), motorisation, lighting, waste heat recovery, etc.)
  • Practical work on our laboratory equipment and studies of your actual cases.
  • Benefits of energy monitoring (metering, supervision, analysis, etc.)

The trainee leaves with an operational list that he/she can directly implement on his/her installations

These training courses may be completed by accompanying the trainees during audits on the customer's sites.

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Use case examples

Aeronautics industry: 30 industrial site energy managers trained and then accompanied during audits.

Metallurgy industry: 40 site energy managers have been trained, training included in the training plan for energy managers.
20 buyers trained in utility diagnosis in the context of the training required by ISO 50 001.

Automotive industry 80 site energy managers have been trained, training included in the training programme for energy managers.

Luxury industry: 20 production site energy managers have been trained.

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