Sectors of application

Electrical engineering industry/Renewable energies/Power distribution/Energy savings/Cooling/Pumping/Research & development

Your challenges

  • To optimise a solution for the integration of renewable energies into networks
  • To identify the impact of a strong, disrupted power supply on an electrical machine
  • To approve a design: accelerated ageing tests on motors
  • To approve a variable speed motor investment: to measure a motor’s energy performance
  • To assess diagnostic solutions on generators or motors

Our strengths

  • A modular test laboratory, from rotating machines to micro-networks
  • A real-time simulator to produce an infinite variety of configurations
  • Power supplies and load machines driven by power electronics power supplies, tests carried out in a highly automated manner
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, higher education)

Our offer

  • Test campaigns to assess the integration of renewable energies into a network that includes rotating machines, frequency stability and voltage stability tests
  • Subject your equipment to perfectly controlled disrupted power supplies, with power of up to 100 kW, and assess the functional consequences or consequences to service life   
  • Subject motors to accelerated ageing cycles in accordance with a controlled, automated protocol, several thousands of on-load start-ups, for example
  • Measure the energy performance of industrial motorisation under conditions that are representative of its real environment
  • Assess the performance of your generator diagnosis tool using our generator, which includes real and simulated faults
  • Training: practical work on complex rotating machine test benches.


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Use case examples

For a start-up: Simulation of the performance of an innovative energy-saving system.

ADEME: Our tests have been approved by ADEME to propose Energy Saving Certificates to EDF’s customers.

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