Sectors of application

Industrial structures subjected to vibratory excitation in the energy and transport sectors (automotive, aeronautical, railway, maritime)

Your challenges

  • To control the vibratory behaviour of your industrial equipment that is subjected to multiple mechanical excitation
  • To optimise vibration reduction solutions
  • To carry out experimental validation of prototypes
  • To carry out experimental validation of digital models

Our strengths

  • Experimental know-how proven through numerous test campaigns on our production sites
  • Expertise in both digital and experimental vibration diagnosis, currently used to ensure the availability of EDF equipment
  • Internationally recognised scientific excellence (publications, awards, higher education) in support of studies by EDF’s engineering division

Our offer

  • Performance of vibration tests on industrial installation structures and equipment:
    • Equipment/structures weighing several tonnes
    • Multiple excitation points (shock hammers, shaker units)
    • Variety of sensors (laser velocimeter, accelerometers, gauges, etc.)
    • Large number of measuring channels (>200)
  • Analysis/use of data
    • Modal analysis
    • Measurements during operation (ODS)
  • Post-processing in relation with digital models
    • Correlation of calculations/tests
    • Recalibration of models, etc.
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Use case examples

EDF Nuclear:

  • Active monitoring and hybrid tests on steam generator tubes
  • Characterisation of the non-linear stiffness of the spring-dimple assemblies in a fuel assembly grid/correlation of calculations/tests and digital recalibration
  • Study of the stiffness of fuel assembly grids on impact

EDF Hydroelectricity:

  • Vibratory behaviour of an arch dam in ambient noise (2015)

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